The following Style Guide is meant to help describe some of the features available for your custom carved grips. Each description is accompanied by a photo that represents a possible grip style, wood choice, and feature. For the cost of applying these specific styles and features shown below, see the Pricing section. Please note that variations on all of these styles and features can be made, but will be quoted on an individual basis (see the Gallery section for examples of wood, checkering, finish and other features).

Grip Styles

Wood Types


Further Notes

In regards to the Grip Style, after market stocks over the years might have featured any of the above types of relief or a wide variety of variations. These were all designed to help with loading and unloading. I can replicate any of the standard styles or a more radical relief depending on your needs.

Please note that in regards to the checkering lpi (lines per inch), I can checker a range of lpi (18-24). However, my standard is 20 lpi on Ropers. 

Please be aware that the photos of the wood types shown above should be used as reference only. Each piece of wood is unique, and there is always variation from piece to piece (in color, figure, etc). Please reference the Gallery for more examples of wood types. 

My preference on Roper and Kearsarge style grips is to gently relieve the area at the top of the left grip panel to aid in loading single cartridges. This style is period-correct for the Roper and Kearsarge grips since speed loaders (although they existed in early form) were not commonly used at the time. However, I will make the grips to whatever design the customer prefers.

*The period-correct medallions can be difficult to locate, so I ask that the customer supply them.